Napa Lighting Workshop 5/1/2013

Starting this blog thing again, sorry for the long absence!

As many of you know, I perform a free, bi-monthly photography and lighting workshop in the Napa area. For more information, go to

Last week, we went to one of my favorite locations, a little park underneath the Carquinez bridge in Crockett California. I love this place because nobody bothers you, you can have a reasonably large group and nobody complains about you being in the way, there is plenty of parking, but most of all, there are some really compelling architectural elements that make for unique portrait photography.

Here are some examples:

napa lighting workshop

Napa Lighting Workshop #1

Napa Lighting Workshop #2

Napa Lighting Workshop #2

Napa Photography Workshop

Napa Lighting Workshop #3


I like to get low and shoot wide to capture all the leading lines, it does cause some distortion issues though as you can see in the third image. We’ll be meeting this Wed the 15th in downtown Napa for our next lighting workshop.  Contact me for more details.

The Napa Photographer


About The Napa Photographer

I am a Napa California area photographer specializing in portrait and wedding photography. I would describe my style as “environmental portraiture”, I like to shoot on location and try to seek out the most interesting backgrounds.

I am the organizer of a local group, I provide bi-weekly lighting and portrait workshops, you can find my group at:

My main photography site is:

I use a Canon 5D and about a dozen Canon 550EX’s triggered with Pocket Wizard Flex TT5′s.

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