Levitation Photography by Natsumi Hayashi

I spend a lot of time looking at the work of other photographers for inspiration. Every once in a while I’ll find one that makes me jealous, usually because they’ve come up with a concept or an idea that I wish I had thought of.

My first reaction is, “Oh wow, I should do that!” But I can’t, because that would be just mean I was a being a copycat and I try not to do that too much.

My next reaction is sorrow, because for me that great idea is off the table forever now, I can’t un-see it.

It happened most recently today when I found Natsumi Hayashi’s beautiful Levitation Photography.

Napa Wedding Photographer

Photo by Natsumi Hayashi

She posts a new Levitation Photo daily on her website yowayowacamera.com, she also provides information on her technique (mostly jumping) and the equipment used.

The Napa Photographer

Photo by Natsumi Hayashi

I love how she manages to avoid making it obvious that she’s jumping, her expression is serene and her hands and extremities gracefully posed. I haven’t tried this but I bet it’s way more difficult than it looks.

This guy had fun trying:

The levitation idea is a great hook, but Hayashi-san’s photography stands on its own without the gimmick. Great light, well thought out composition, sense of humor, what’s not to love?

Napa Portrait Photographer

Photo by Natsumi Hayashi

As I was getting ready to end this post I realized that maybe I had this idea first after all!

I had forgotten about a photo I took years ago:

Napa Portrait Photographer

And then, he just kinda floated away...

So what do you think, does this count? Should I be mad at Hayashi-san for stealing my idea?

The Napa Photographer


About The Napa Photographer

I am a Napa California area photographer specializing in portrait and wedding photography. I would describe my style as “environmental portraiture”, I like to shoot on location and try to seek out the most interesting backgrounds.

I am the organizer of a local Meetup.com group, I provide bi-weekly lighting and portrait workshops, you can find my group at:


My main photography site is: http://www.robertbakerphotography.com

I use a Canon 5D and about a dozen Canon 550EX’s triggered with Pocket Wizard Flex TT5′s.

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5 Responses to Levitation Photography by Natsumi Hayashi

  1. I’ve seen her pictures before and they are cool. Like you said, not only because of the “gimmick” of levitating, but they are very nicely done. Unlike you, I WILL steal someone else’s idea and try it. However, I do this to learn from it, not to claim the idea. If I do post a shot taken from someone else’s idea anywhere online, I will give credit where it is due. When I first saw her pictures I really wanted to try it too but really not liking to jump, and only imagining how much jumping would be involved to even come close to getting the look she has in these pictures, I decided this should be a project I should try to talk my 14 year old nephew in to doing with me. Maybe when he comes to visit this summer!

  2. Lisa, be sure to send me some photos, very interested in your take on levitation photography!


  3. Robert,

    Thank you for sharing that site! Very nice pictures, and (if I might say) uplifting and liberating. I may try this with some of my kids..

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