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Shoot on Cloudy Days to Add a Little Drama to Ordinary Portraits

There are a lot of photographers that put their cameras away when the clouds roll in, but for others, that’s when the fun’s just getting started. In today’s post I will provide some tips and tricks that will help you … Continue reading

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How (and why) to use your Camera in Manual Mode.

Your camera thinks it’s smarter than you. As we speak at this very moment, it’s smirking in your bag, silently mocking you. It doesn’t have to be this way, it’s pretty easy to gain the upper hand and really take … Continue reading

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High Speed Sync Part IV – The Reckoning

So far, we’ve discussed three of the five ways to control ambient light when using flash. Today I will complete the list and provide my Pro’s and Con’s analysis of each. The list so far: Fast Shutter Speed + High … Continue reading

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High Speed Sync (continued)

High Speed Sync Part III In my last post, I hinted that there are five ways to kill the ambient light. So far we’ve covered two of the five ways: High Speed Sync – Using your shutter speed to dial … Continue reading

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High Speed Sync

High Speed Sync Part II This is a follow up to my post from a couple days ago, in it I will expand on the concept of High Speed Sync, why it’s used, and some ways to get by without … Continue reading

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Cool Video of What Happens Inside your Camera After the Shutter Button is Pressed

High Speed Sync Part I In this article I will begin a discussion on killing ambient light using, among other things, High Speed Sync. To start off, please watch the following video as it is a great visual aid on … Continue reading

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Using the Histogram to Ensure Proper Skin Tone

In this post I will demonstrate how to check for proper skin exposure both in-camera and in Photoshop using the built in histogram tool. I used to get faked out by the LCD screen on my 5D all the time. Everything would … Continue reading

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Gear Talk: What to buy when you’re just starting out with off-camera-lighting

As the organizer of a local off camera lighting group, the question I get asked the most is, “What equipment should I buy to get started with off-camera-lighting?”. And like most things, the answer to that is, “It depends.”. The factors to … Continue reading

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Extend the range and power of your lights for free

Whether you’re using giant Profoto’s or small speedlite’s , you can get a lot more out of them if you plan ahead. Consider this shot — (larger image): If you’ve ever used small flashes to light your subject in bright outdoor conditions, … Continue reading

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Using the sun as a rim/accent light.

One of the best things about doing portrait photography outdoors is that you can incorporate sunlight into your lighting setup. For example, in the following shot you can see that I’m using the sun as an accent light: I just … Continue reading

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