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Canon vs. Nikon

The Canon vs. Nikon argument settled? Tweet

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Shoot on Cloudy Days to Add a Little Drama to Ordinary Portraits

There are a lot of photographers that put their cameras away when the clouds roll in, but for others, that’s when the fun’s just getting started. In today’s post I will provide some tips and tricks that will help you … Continue reading

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Influential Photographers – Part One – André Kertész

Not long ago, I started  writing an epic blog post that was intended to encapsulate the entirety of the hoard of photographers that have influenced me over the course of my career. As soon as I started pulling together the list, I knew … Continue reading

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A Discussion on Good Bokeh and Bad Computers

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted, partly due to a mild case of writer’s block that was immediately followed up by a case of broken computer. Active photographers tend to acquire redundant equipment, partly because we never grew out of our … Continue reading

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